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Steel & Shade

by Halloween Jack

A California street Down on which the sun does beat On a sun drenched autumn day A dusty scent fills the air But I was too distracted to care Cause of those Sweet sweet eyes With their charcoal smiles Well they get me high And they drive me out my mind Seeking solace in night I close my eyes and I wrap up tight To dream my troubles away Yet slumber don’t come too soon I’m howling at the midnight moon For those As I set upon my day The hours seem to slip away Yet nothing seems to change Now these hours seem to last for weeks My pulse skips every third beat For those Should one day you and I do meet And I stare in those eyes so sweet And gently drift away When life seems full and carefree Yet something seems to have a hold on me It’s those
Palm lined streets on a hazy desert night The air is close and I’m on the town tonight Small talk with the driver as he tries to make his way He seems so dry it’s pitiful the conversation holds no sway You can hear a distant murmur, not a scream or single shout From melody, you can almost see What’s this town about Stopped by for a loosened at a bar by the name of Ace Spied a fortune maker it was written on her face Her eyes were on the prowl for a gentleman who’s worth A pretty penny it’s for sure he’ll promise you the earth Have fling with the sound of springs And make your way downtown You’ll see some sights amongst the lights So shake your body down Danced with a darling of a small western town We pulled some shapes, kicked some moves, I gently worked her round Those English eyes, such a prize for I to have seen So many lives intertwined with this town as its theme
Rosarita 03:36
Been stood upright since the break of day And my brow is wet with the heat of LA I’ve packed my possessions, my powder is dry I take the elevator and this guy says hi Where you heading son if your travels aren’t done It takes a son of a gun to leave the city of fun I saw the sunlight hit the junction out of LA The roof went up somewhere around Tijuana way La cerveza mas fina drinking down the highway See Rosarita, when I find you, you’ll blow me away I could’ve turned left and head for quieter times But I’ve got a senorita playing on my mind She’s made of bricks and mortar, sea and sand Gave the driver a dollar for a helping hand Stopped for gas on the federal highway I questioned my judgement when I checked where I stay So headed to Sandra’s for a beer and bite Then hitched right back to those LA lights
I can remember when you told me as a child About how you loved and lost it brought a tear to your smile You dreamt of heaven and all that it held And all the stars in the sky including, the one that fell And as you turn to stare into the black, the child in you wished she would come back You say I tell you this tale, ‘cause I’m still looking for Abigail When you’re young, you never knew how a love could feel Now that you’re older, you know too well how a loss can feel Though she couldn’t speak a word, her emotion s were laid bare All times together, so much fun you had to share Ohh I see your face amongst the clouds Ooh I’m still searching for you now It may seem strange to you, now that I am fully grown But something in her eyes made you feel safe and not alone As a child, you have so much love to give My trusted companion, she always seemed to forgive
A laid back groove under darken skies The heat is up but not too cruel I gaze in awe at the heavens above Yet I feel the devils troubled fool Can you feel it? There’s something coming Can you feel it? I can feel it in the air Can you feel it? It’s brewing inside me Can you feel it? It pains me to say it I shook a mainline to your emotions I guess it’s high time For us to slug it out No matter how it came about Take your best shot at me So about last night and those words we said Let’s not take them to heart, let’s use our heads I don’t want to fight, I just want to love So about last night The water shimmers so light and so calm To betray this moment It washes over me, becomes a part of me So subtle, so supple, so cool and sublime
Strapped in got a head full of gin I got myself a ride on home Moving slow yet I have to go But I don’t wanna go Sun fried now I ain’t so shy of the desert heat Poached eggs don’t help my head Man I’m easily led Stopped by to see some airplane guy Shot down in Vietnam, he said It ain’t much fun when your Huey is done In the jungle son We looked in on the king, hoping he could sing But he wasn’t home When Priscilla was queen of the desert scene Well that’s alright mama if I can dream Cause we’re hitting the road to fly from the angels Every person, every place seems to tell a tale And now, it’s time to leave Trust me, I’ve left a piece of me Now I’m stuck on ten, for time and again To the stereo waves I’m transported to a place with a Hollywood face Just with added bass As the road unwinds, I feel so inclined To reminisce From Cathedral City, to ladies so pretty Man, to leave seems such a pity LA’s such a brute and bitch to commute Yet has a quality Built on reputation, a film star location, communication for a nation, a subject for quotation, a place for aspiration, fake plastic admiration From the waitress I gave such a generous tip, to the Tesla driver who’s oh so hip. To the scenic lands with the burnt rust sand. And two fine ladies looking so grand. From the Mexican kids looking for a blunt and the guy from LA with so much front. In Salvation, such elation mixed with horror trepitdation How we danced, how we pranced, how our lives were enhanced They got a piece of me
Icarus 03:51
Sun goes down when you’re miles from town Walking on the precipice of mescaline comedown Coyote calls and freight train rolls Miles and miles of consumer bound flaws Shadows get longer, paranoid hunger Chucking up results of the previous nights thunder Billboards gleam, join the marines Another piece of meat for the warfare machine Desert night dirty, hunting Gene Autry Hallucinate, meditate, post-modern party Lost my wheels, now I’m kicking my heels Stumbling my way through the sunburnt hills Cerebral junk, fucking up my funk Left my conscience in a beat up leather trunk Body is scarred, mentally hard Off guard, on guard, trying to break the advent garde Flat on face, gotta bricks and mortar taste Had dollars in my pocket but they seem to be misplaced I’m broken, choking, lungs are smoking Lying on my back cause it seems my god has spoken Gotta get up and go, no matter how slow Crawling on tiptoe seeking a different memo Load up, on show, psychotic ammo Soaring on the jet stream of the acid wind flow
Desert Girls 05:08
Here I stand, alone A shell of the man I thought I used to be I wander adrift Highway traffics my only company With each step that I take And every breath I struggle to make I need, someone to save me And on the horizon down it came A beat up old van but something about it gave A sense of redemption They said you need no god and you need no preacher All it takes is one of life’s teachers and you, yes you can reach salvation As you both take my hands and guide me up This testament to the power of love I’ll climb, I’ll crawl, I will follow My desert girls You’re my sweet guardian angels As the windows gave way To a shock of blond and brown The blond said “hey fella, where have you been” I told ‘em all my cares and all my troubles and they said step We know, we know where we have to go
Soltan 05:52
It seems like we fell Into some unearthly hell There’s no sign of life ‘Dept for you, her and I As you take my hand Amongst the past on which we stand So many tiny lives A worthless sacrifice As strange as it seems It maybe obscene The still in the air As our sins are brought to bear There’s beauty in death Oh god you’re beautiful What god A toxic sea and land Shaped by human devil hands This sign of the times A crime of hate and spite Yet we stand in awe At mother natures fatal flaw Given with love Spat back into her face


After playing their last gig in November 2016, Halloween Jack hit the snooze button. With the group reduced to just Adam Camm and Ian McEwan, the band woke again during the world cup of 2018. In between watching group stage matches, and cooling off from the heat of the studio, they worked on what would become a love letter to Southern California, Steel & Shade.

Very post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys, with hints of Roxy Music, Beatles, Bowie and Stones; whilst the sound of Halloween Jack had matured, it still retained some of the elements from the beginnings of the group. More importantly, it reinvigorated the group and ensured that there would be no more four year gaps between recordings.


released July 4, 2019

Music by Adam Camm & Ian McEwan
Lyrics by Adam Camm (Except Rosarita by Adam Camm & Ian McEwan)

All instruments and programming performed by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan with kind assistance from:

David Bruce (Saxophone & Keys - Sound of Springs and Desert Girls)
Marie Corin (Piano and Synth - Soltan, Vocal - Desert Girls)

Mixed and Produced by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, USA

Extra thanks to Claudio Conticelli


all rights reserved



Halloween Jack London, UK

Halloween Jack comprises of two members, Adam Camm and Ian McEwan; whose love of football, Stones, Beach Boys and Beatles has kept them together even after their respective teams have beaten each other.

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