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Blonde Betty 03:09
She was a woman of particular taste Flaxen of hair, and pretty of face Charcoaled eyes as black as death She'd lead you through years of regret Betty was the lady, you lived to impress A driven woman, you can suggest But one who always knew what's best Falling for her was suicide You'd contemplate her love in your mind But Betty, she never found the time You hoped, you'd yearn You prayed for attention But Betty gave Everyone affection You'll be captive with lust, for all to see Endless days of misery Betty wouldn't fall for me A touch of her hand, a gentle caress This femme fatale will rip the heart from your chest Battered and bruised metaphorically speaking In a blink of an eye, she'll set you pulse racing When it comes to men she don't play fair When you look like her, you're without compare Her curving body and shapely breasts Thighs which you'd long to bless But never would you grace her figure Cause a man don't know when love and lust differ Damn blonde Betty She'll be your maker Your breaker, a heartshaker, your maker, your breaker, you know you've got to have her
Breath is shallow and the voice is thin Face is riddled with hurt and sin But in these days of darkness Is where real happiness lies Such pain I sympathise Here lies a tortured man Such faint praise with which he's damned But he won't whore himself To his detriment, he needs no encouragement He writes in hollow verse His great mind's been cursed Cause joy's a bitter pill And pain to him is such a thrill Holds no care for morality And loathes his self pity But this anger, satisfies him As no lover could give him Washed up is how this man feels The more he aches the pleasure And egotism is found in pills And then before god, he will kneel Send to hell for this man deals In pleasure from pain he does kill Himself for pain is such a thrill Pain to him is such a thrill
Well you've got to act the part if you want to be rude And there aint nothing that he won't do He's a casualty, a casualty of cool He's gotta buy the fashions and have the right clothes Matching snap on covers for his new iPhone He's a casualty, a casualty of cool Why be vain to fit in with the crowd Add a touch of yourself and feel so proud Don't be a casualty, a casualty of cool Musical tastes are just a trend to him It's gotta be new and oh so in He's a casualty, a casualty of cool His style of hair must grace a magazine It has to be right to fit in with the scene He's a casualty, a casualty of cool
Magpie 02:52
Real fine gent crooked and bent Magpie sure to see you alright Piece of silver, tyres and timber Magpie, noon and night If you seek, he's the man He know's what you want Eyes, ears on the hunt He know's what you need Magpie Magpie If you want present for your mother, but aint got the pennies, pounds or even dollars He'll sort you out, got the clout Cash in hand, pay the man Got a line, dressed so fine Pay the man Looking for some bargains on DVD, MP3's or a treat for the lady. Ask no questions, you'll hear no lies, Magpie knows your desire Market's home, rag and bone Wheeler, dealer Edge of law, moral flaw Street born preacher


Halloween Jack's debut EP features a range of musicians, some of whom would later become part of the band for a period of time. Influenced by classic 70's rock with more than a hint of Jack White, it provided a base for the sound of 'Jack to expand and diversify.


released November 18, 2013

All Songs written by Adam Camm (Except Magpie written by Adam Camm and David Bruce)

Adam Camm (Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Harmonica Percussion)
Ian McEwan (Vocals, Bass)
Mark Barrett (Guitars, Vocals)
David Bruce (Keys, Sax)
Paul Mallyon (Drums)
Lewis Hodgkinson (Guitars)
Stuart Gullock (Guitars)
Andrew McMenamin (Vocals)

Recorded and mixed by Adam Camm
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, TN, USA

Artwork by Petro Papucis


all rights reserved



Halloween Jack London, UK

Halloween Jack comprises of two members, Adam Camm and Ian McEwan; whose love of football, Stones, Beach Boys and Beatles has kept them together even after their respective teams have beaten each other.

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