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by Halloween Jack

Treated like a dog Feel kicked down Scarred to my soul She gives no damn I just cant abide My pain inside The torment she brings to my life I'm so Masochistic I can't let go Bound by feelings Tortured by lust Sharp as a knife And just as tough Put me down I know my place So I'm sorry It's my mistake I'm so masochistic, I cant let go Fatal attraction Some kinda reaction Hard to question Hard to fathom I used to think There's something for me Too proud to see She's got me on a leash I'm so masochistic, I can't let go God knows, she hurts so good I take it, I have it, I don't know that I should She fucks my mind, screws my soul A sign of affection, it seems so cold I'm so masochistic, I can't let go I can't let it go I can't let it go
Nitelife 04:43
Strobe lights Dropped beats Bodies shaking Move those itchy feet With the hustle and bustle of the dance floor crush Your mind is racing on a chemical rush Nitelife kings, courting their queens From the nine to five to the clubbing scene Their tails are up Drinks in hand A perfect introduction to a one night stand Fluorescent street lamps set the tone When the cold wind bites, you think of home But nothings gonna stop you getting what you want ‘Cause the end of the working week has come All dressed up, and ready to act If one things certain, your there to attract The walls seem close to closing in Your chest pounds to the DJ tune The lights burn through this place is hot The crowd is ready for the tune to drop Chit chat, down on the low A natural signal is all you know A glance of the eyes fingers through the hair Eyes seem drawn to silhouettes Blood gets pumping, your pulse is up A dancefloor blaze, you cant get enough
Vice 03:19
Everybody's got their weakness whether right or wrong Everybody's got their way to simply get along These can take many forms, not all within the law Who are we to sit and judge, yet we've all done that before One man's poison, a man's vice What causes your disgust, gives some soul delight Thinking 'bout those first world problems Sure can bring you down A little taste of your pleasure Can turn your day around Kick back, enjoy whatever it is That tends to get you high It's your business no mistake No need to apologise Whatever the time of day Whatever you may desire Take it, have it, use it, do it No need to conspire Do as your will as your will takes you Like a leaf on a breeze Life's too short to hesitate So do as you please Powders, pills, sexual thrills Take your mind off household bills Eating, booze, king size blues Hide away from the headline news Chocolate, wine, other things fine Help to smooth the passage of time Why don't you take my advice Help yourselves and find a new vice
Fly In Amber 05:47
Several make-up smeared years ago, About a dozen country miles or so, Life was young and the nights were gold, Give or take, either way was bold. How times change when you let things slide, Easy to forget to get off the ride, Why change while you’re surfing highs? Dismiss your blues with a gentle sigh. Once you realised the nights were cold, And the sold-out stage show had to fold, All the thrills that seemed were never broke, All the dreams that now went up in smoke. Morning booze and snowblind sunrise, Bloodshot eyes focus in on the headlines, What you did, what you said was rotten, Anything you learned will soon be forgotten. She took her chances, She made her own life, All she wanted was no one to ask her why, Trapped by beauty, A fly in amber, A concrete swan, Unable to fly.
Sex Appeal 03:04
She knows, she's got it She knows, she's got Sex Appeal A twist of her hips will bring you to heal She knows, she's got Sex Appeal Lipgloss you know who's boss, it's her thrill With effortless grace an animal attraction Such a beauty always stays in fashion For some love aint easy for her its a breeze She likes to ball, she don't deal in sleaze Sing it A real head turner, she commands every room Try as you might, no man is immune To her looks, wit, charm and sexual magnetism She's so tough, she loves like prison She walks it, she talks it, she knows how to flaunt it She knows that she's got it and she knows how to use it
Sirens sing their song amongst the rain and twilight Street lamps flicker to an eerie pulse In every nook and cranny, in shadows so deep Every heart in every city, thumps a darkened beat Johnny has a crave, an addiction to feed The alleys his office where pays his trade He spies an awkward punter one whose easily led For ten hollow minutes his addiction can be fed A decadent glamour, a celebrated strife Edgy and gritty the streets come alive When you're on the edge, it's a way of life Suzies a cop with eyes for a killer Out to prove she's one of the boys A gruesome, bloody doorway A blade in the gutter Another night Suzies, looking for a murderer A decadent glamour, a celebrated strife Edgy and gritty the streets come alive When you're on the edge, it's a way of life A necessary evil Unmitigated crime Jay walks back to see his mother Yet to reach the age where he's a man He feels he's alone, there's nobody to see A shot rings out, mistaken identity Feel they're alive, feel they're alive, feel they're, the streets are alive Feel they're alive, feel they're alive, feel they're, the streets come alive When you're on the edge The streets come alive When you're making bread The streets come alive When you need to run The streets come alive When you need to hide The streets come alive When you need to see The streets come alive When you look away The streets come alive When you're getting stoned The streets come alive Out there breaking bones The streets come alive When you're getting high The streets come alive Anything to survive The streets come alive When you need to see The streets come alive When you look away The streets come alive
Lover Boy 02:49
Don't try to second guess his intentions He's a man who knows no apprehension An alpha male who stake this claim In any lonely heart in need of a flame He'll wine you, dine you and maybe satisfy you But don't for one minute think that he'll ever love you Love to him is of a physical nature A shot from cupids bow is seen a danger Oh lover boy To some he's a hero Oh lover boy His soul is hollow Oh lover boy Likes to feed his ego With a cast of an eye he scouts out satisfaction He's not fussy bout looks or mutual attraction An opportunity's there, for the taking But don't dare call it love making To him he's a man as he thinks one should be If you believe in god then you believe in he A gift from Mother Nature, a natural world wonder A walking, talking picture of splendour
2995 03:53
I put on my jacket And I'm buttoned down I've gotta piece on my hip Gonna make my bones I kneel before the lord I gotta say my prayers Cleanse me of sin I gotta start again Paranoid, god save my soul I'm alive, boulevard homicide 2995 I've been a hustler for years Trying to make a dime I'm a hard working man Work gives me pride Loyalty goes unspoke Allegience pledged in cuss Blood pumps through my veins I gotta man I have to slain Driving my way downtown, to the steps of city hall To knife him in the back, put a bullet inside To make me a made man, I gotta shoot some mothers son down
Pop Music 03:12
A life in the tabloids to make your name And skinny little ladies without no shame Pretty young boys all looks no voice Made in a factory by consumer choice A production line short sell by date A television viewer decides your fate A tired old format in need of fresh blood A family tragedy and eyes in floods Commercialised Commoditised A supermarket product before your own eyes It’s plain to see Your vanity From the Disney channel you’ve come so far Act like a whore to prove how old you are Stripped to skin just to show your talent A chauvinist dream but shame is absent
Step back and see that all our trials, Are nothing of our doing, External factors so hostile, Accentuate the brewing, When it boils down to what we’ve got, We couldn’t be much stronger, Take stock and add it to the pot, We’ll be going longer. The way your face changed shape tells all, The blues are turning lighter, The flicker of a smile won’t fall, Things are getting brighter, Remember what the sage man said, Be mindful while you’re living, Embrace the groove and don’t forget, To take is as good as giving. We’ve seen enough, To hold our heads up, Arm in arm as we walk into the sunset, Now we are free, Only you and me, Holding hands as we walk into the sunset.


After a year of playing regularly across the London live circuit, Halloween Jack entered the studio to record what would be their debut album. With a settled five-piece line up, they were well rehearsed and armed with a number of new songs including two from Ian McEwan.

Across two sessions, 13 songs were recorded with ten making the final cut for the album.

"full of swagger and retro-laced rock ‘n’ roll, combining rock elements with indie-pop ones to produce a strong, self-assured album, that doesn’t have one bad moment on it."

Alternative Tracks Blog - 2015


released August 21, 2015

Adam Camm (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion)
Ian McEwan (Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Percussion)
Nigel Tait (Guitar)
Sam Kerins (Keyboards, Piano, Vocals, Percussion)

Produced by Halloween Jack

Mixed by Adam Camm
Drums by Alec Lewis
Percussion by Sparky Bosque

Engineered by Mark Woods and Halloween Jack
Recorded at Bucks New University Studios
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, TN, USA

Photos by Marta Nava www.shutterandink.com
Artwork by Anastasia Gkartzopoulou

All songs written by Adam Camm except for:
Fly in Amber (Ian McEwan)
Into The Sunset (Ian McEwan)
2995 (Adam Camm and Thom Galbally)

Halloween Jack would like to thank the following people: Y
ak and Madeline at Garage 57, Nicholas at Dead or Alive, Marta Nava for photos and repairing trousers, Martin Rose for his remixes and
Mark Barrett.

We’d also like to thank Rebekah Cracknell, Sinah Kusch and Andrea Lai.


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Halloween Jack London, UK

Halloween Jack comprises of two members, Adam Camm and Ian McEwan; whose love of football, Stones, Beach Boys and Beatles has kept them together even after their respective teams have beaten each other.

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