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by Halloween Jack

I tried to find my way, I feel that I could stay, I tried to let it drop, I’m spinning like a top. I should just ask outright, If she could see the light, I dream with all my might, Then we could share a night. I understand it’s not in my hands, but I should fight still, Yes I believe, I really believe that there is life still, No I can’t grieve, I’m not so naive to think the light’s gone, I’m not afraid, I beg you to think of when the light’s on. She saw it much the same, But waited all the same, I never thought it wrong, I knew it all along. And then she told me, What to do to be free, How to live just to be, Hold my hand and the next thing you see will be heaven.
I thought this home But it chokes my breathe And it tastes so cruel I spit These days I can’t seem to sleep at night One thing or another there’s something not right As the terror grows daily and you’re feeling your worst Lay your head on my shoulder Put your heart in my hands Dry those sweet tears Chase away those great fears We’ll dance again I promise you And it no longer hurts Now the needle is numb And when you lay back You’re kicking
Storytelling 04:10
Come inside, the cloaked man smiled, Say a little and stay a while, Turn a best friend to a foe, That’s the way the story goes. The beginning was good and fine, Then he read between the lines, He should have waited for the page to turn, But he couldn’t so his hopes were burned. Twisted dreams and ruptured minds, If we dig I wonder what we’ll find, Hate to say I told you so, But that’s the way the story goes. If you covet her as a lover, You’re as bad as judging books by their cover, This library is full of gold, But pick a wrong one and you’ll lose your soul. On the bookcase, high on a shelf, Is a tome about yourself, It will tell you what you know, That’s the way the story goes. Tell me stories. The cloaked man’s eyes turned to fire, As the bad guy did require, And the good man swung on a pole, That’s the way the story goes. If you see it for what it is, Tear the page out, he’ll get his, Write it down and let it mend, But don’t tell anybody how it ends. That’s the way the story goes.
Never felt as good as this, I’m sure, The morning after the night before, As I drove off dreaming of our night, I crashed the car while looking at a rainbow. The wedding day was a glorious thing, Shining sun and two shining rings, As we got down to our honeymoon, I choked on rose petals sprinkled on our pillow. Hired a boat and went upon the lake, Warm evening and feeling great, As I went to hold your velvet hand, I sunk the boat while looking at a moonbeam.


Left is the first of a trilogy of EP’s named ‘Left, Right and Centre’.

Lockdown provided the opportunity to polish up some old songs and outtakes in the Halloween Jack studio and sparked a creative hotspot which resulted in three EP’s of brand new material. The majority of songs featured on the EP’s were written, recorded, mixed and produced during the lockdown in spring and those that were written beforehand, came after Steel & Shade.


released October 9, 2020

Music by Adam Camm & Ian McEwan
Lyrics by Ian McEwan (Except We'll Dance Again by Adam Camm)

All instruments and programming performed by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan

Mixed and Produced by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, USA

Artwork by Rhea O’Grady (Instagram @rheascribbles)


all rights reserved



Halloween Jack London, UK

Halloween Jack comprises of two members, Adam Camm and Ian McEwan; whose love of football, Stones, Beach Boys and Beatles has kept them together even after their respective teams have beaten each other.

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