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by Halloween Jack

When what’s done is done And what’s said has been said When what’s wrong is right And what’s right is wrong You took our trust and sold it away Sucked our blood then cast us away Is this land, fit for heroes? When you’ve done your duty And you’ve served your time Whether the scars are healed Or an open pussy sore They say we cry the same tears And breathe the same breath And we drink it up On the way to the slaughterhouse
When it all comes to pass And last orders are called As the curtain falls And the credits roll All’s said and done The last breath is drawn And the sun starts to set As the audience roars One more step, one more time This ending’s my beginning One more step, one more line In life’s pages that I’m writing At journeys end The flame flickers out A whistle blown When your last hands been thrown
Once so lovely, Oh she shimmered, Would she want me? Smoke and mirrors. Fortune favours, Brave or madness, Should have guessed what, Was behind this. I was sweating, She was drinking, Flash of greenback, Set her thinking. Fortune, clearly, Oh she wants it, House 1250, Get a key cut. She lives like a louse on a sore head, She gets what she wants and in your bed, The living is easy and so fine, When she grabs your money and your mind.
Tonight 03:55
Tonight I feel alive A feeling I can’t describe Tonight I feel emotion A pure uncut line of devotion I’ll take your image, to my grave The prettiest moments I long to save And you will forever be in my heart For your smile, I’d pound the streets With bloodied, blistered and hurting feet Just to catch the warmth in your eyes Tonight I saw my heaven Like I died for just a split second Tonight I felt a shiver A hailstorm of petals and glitter A smile to turn the seasons chill To that of warmth and flowered fields Which I long to run through to you I feel the love Tonight I feel a precious love It’s gonna last, it’s gonna last


Centre is the final act in a trilogy of EP’s named ‘Left, Right and Centre’.

Lockdown provided the opportunity to polish up some old songs and outtakes in the Halloween Jack studio and sparked a creative hotspot which resulted in three EP’s of brand new material. The majority of songs featured on the EP’s were written, recorded, mixed and produced during the lockdown in spring and those that were written beforehand, came after Steel & Shade.


released December 4, 2020

Music by Adam Camm & Ian McEwan
Lyrics by Adam Camm (Except Like A Louse On A Sore Head by Ian McEwan)

All instruments and programming performed by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan

Mixed and Produced by Adam Camm and Ian McEwan
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, USA

Artwork by Rhea O'Grady (Instagram @rheascribbles)


all rights reserved



Halloween Jack London, UK

Halloween Jack comprises of two members, Adam Camm and Ian McEwan; whose love of football, Stones, Beach Boys and Beatles has kept them together even after their respective teams have beaten each other.

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